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I'm pretty much lame. I think it could be contagious.

Happy Belated New Year Everyone?!Here, have an incomplete drawing. I started digitally painting this in grey-scale, which was a bad idea. I had intentions of coloring through use of layers and adjustments…but the colors were not as vibrant as I envisioned them from the start.A new year is here which means a new opportunity/excuse to try and make changes or start fresh. 2012 was an icky year for the most part, so here’s to 2013! It is my year after all.(Snakes represent!) This year I want to continue to draw more outside of my comfort zone, and to focus on my major weaknesses.Priority things to work on for 2013:
Of course there are tons of other things that need work(Lighting, shading, values, color composition, clothing folds,etc).  Now I am just rambling…
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